About Inclusive Metal

Brian Bay - Rockstar Metal Fabricator

Brian BayBrian Bay started sweeping floors in an Automotive Shop in Junior High School. The owner of this shop from California had a drag race car. Brian started working on the car, and moved out to California to work in the car owner's shop. Brian's skills put him in demand to work with other race cars and even landed him a job in the aerospace industry building satellite structures. Brian has street raced from New York to Los Angeles, and with his travels was able to learn different styles of cars and the ideas behind 'what's cool'.


Pinks on Speed VisionPinks on Speed Vision“I've been able to take the different styles and make my own to provide a quality and useful product to our customers. From refined cars and bikes to the car we won with on Pinks on Speed Vision.”


How It All Started

The History of Inclusive Metal

Stude '53 CoupeMy Grandfather rebuilt a Stude '53 Coupe in 1958. He took the quarter panels and the tailgate of off a wagon to build the first El Camino style hot rod. That car as in the 1959 Oakland Roadster Show and later was sold. Some 50 years later and after several owners it was newly restored with the help from my grandfather, and featured in the 2009 Los Angeles Roadster Show and Hot Rod Deluxe Magazine. I worked for my Grandfather many summers during school, and that is where I grew my interest in automobiles and metal fabrication. I have had many cars featured in magazines and I have done some tech articles, but it is really fascinating to see something built so many years ago by my Grandfather get so much attention.